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Fire Reinstatement Report


Fire replacement costs are normally replacement costs for insurance purposes. To either estimate cost due to a fire, or to make sure that one is adequately insured in today’s market.



 Items to be considered in replacing buildings:

  1. Demolition and removal of debris
  2. Site preparation
  3. Delay date of disaster to commencement
  4. Consultant fees (based on construction and demolition costs)
  5. Authority fees
  6. Tendering period (allow 3 months)
  7. Documentation period of 12 months
  8. Allow 6% per annum for this documentation/tendering period.
  9. Construction period allow 6% for escalation of cost for this period
  10. Other buildings that may have been affected by the insurance claim
  11. Total construction cost plus gst


No allowance for the following items:

  1. Costs beyond the replacement/build period
  2. Costs of rental/alternative  accommodation
  3. Loss of income
  4. Legal costs
  5. Personal items
  6. Furniture, window coverings, artwork etc

 The above are some of the costs to be calculated for replacement insurance purposes.

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